Love Runs Toward Another {To South Africa with Love}


To love is always to give a part of ourselves away. To reach out in hope that the one we’re reaching for in return will take us in and hold us tight.

Love runs toward another. It is kind and patient. Never seeking self, but always reaching out in hope, to protect and trust and persevere.

This Valentine’s day, what if we run with tenacity toward a kind of love that does–a kind of love we can express for a community, from our community, one small gift at a time?

What if between Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s day, we can all join together? All the mothers wiping the counters down, the commuters getting home late, the volunteers, and teachers, and baseball coaches, and postmen.

What if we are more together than we ever are apart, and could actually make our mark in community for community, in a far-reaching place in the world?

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What if we gave a Valentine’s gift in community, for community, as a Mother’s day gift to them all?

My brave and scared friend, Lisa-Jo Baker, is launching it today, for a place she’s from and loves so much.


The Maubane Community Center – a human blue print of hope.

The plan has been a year in the making and the goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the entire project between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – because love is more than a date on the calendar, and it never leaves anyone out. And Mother’s Day is a 365 days a year adventure, always worth celebrating.

Phase 1: Community Vegetable Garden {watered by the water point you all built last fall}

Phase 2: Community Kitchen and Welcome Center

Phase 3: Community Outreach Hall

Phase 4: 12 Classrooms

Phase 5: Playground

Because there’s a whole community of women who are raising more kids than just their own and still have all the same hopes, dreams and fears that we do.

This Valentine’s day, let’s let our love run. Because love runs toward another, and love does. 

And we don’t need a plane ticket to change the world, just a willingness to change ourselves, and become the gift.

Lisa-Jo’s holding the door open for each one of us. And I’m cheering her on wildly!

The Maubane Community Center – a human blue print of hope.

What if between changing the diapers, the laundry and the dishes a community of mothers around the world could change the future for a community of kids in South Africa?
What if 1 blog community could build 1 South African community a safe place for sustainable food, child care, economic empowerment, job skills trainings, a gathering place for church, classrooms for HIV/Aids education, and a playground for their kids?
What if love was more than a date on the calendar this year?
What if we fell in love with the world next door?
Click HERE to be a part!



  • Lisa-Jo Baker

    Your brave and scared friend could not be more grateful for you. So much love to you today! LJ

  • Jacque Watkins

    And so much love back, my friend…crazy happy to watch God do this through your willingness and so SO thankful to be a part!

    And also? What a treat to have seen you at IF… xo