When You Want to Change a Life through Compassion

UG-Bloggers-Instagram-cover-photoI visit their stories like they’re old friends, and I feel like I’m there. I cling to every word, and am moved by what I hear. Is it the writing that moves me? Or is there more?

I read of struggles, and poor conditions, and circumstances beyond what I can imagine. How there’s work for only one dollar a day, and miles to walk to bring water back home.

And their words move me.

How Jonathan’s been abandoned in an Ecuadorian jungle, and compassion becomes a gold rush meeting him there.

How Diana and her sisters live on a dirt floor in Nicaragua, but enjoy legos, baby dolls and braiding hair just the same. How they have a father who is working hard and loves them–the beautiful way a father loves his daughters no matter where he lives in the world.

And I read of how roads in Tanzania are lined with dozens of children and smiling faces, and how blue nail polish, bubbles, and thirty-eight dollars makes all the difference in their small world.

I visit their stories like they’re old friends, spending time with them from my cozy couch on a tree-lined street in suburbia. And through their words I learn I am not powerless to matter in their lives. I learn that I too, can have relationship with a child. And change a life.

Both theirs and mine.

Some of my favorite writers are traveling to Uganda with Compassion InternationalEmily Freeman, Jeff Goins, The Nester, and Shaun Groves. They’ll be sharing their stories each day from rural places–places we may never go, but ones we can visit through their words.

Won’t you consider following along? I promise, their words will change you.

And with them, you may just end up changing the world, one life at a time.

Have you ever considered sponsoring a child?


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  • thenester

    just wanted to come thank you for this Jacque! I so appreciate all of your comments & prayers! xoxox

  • http://www.GiftsWeUse.com/ Ferly Tangonan

    It’s always touching to hear stories from the mission field, but to have bloggers use their space to impact the world in this way is a gift! What an awesome opportunity.

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  • http://www.jacquewatkins.com/ Jacque Watkins

    Yes…such a gift!

  • http://www.jacquewatkins.com/ Jacque Watkins

    Aw, so sweet you are, friend :) Just returned from vacation and am catching up on the team’s posts from last week. One at a time. With tears . . . just. so. rich. Your words are gifts, and I’m inspired and so very thankful for you.