My One Year Blog-iversary! {Let’s Celebrate!!}

It’s July 5th!

One year ago today, with a lot of hope and excitement, I welcomed you, told  you about me and my family, and I hit publish for the first time. I had never blogged before, and it was all so new.

And today it’s been a full year of writing in this place–processing life through words.

One year ago, in my first post, I didn’t believe I was a writer. But now, I know better. I hold my head high and I declare: I write, and I AM a writer.

And as a writer, I’m so thankful for you. For joining me–some of you even subscribed in those first couple days and have been with me since the beginning … you know who you are!!

Thank you for reading and leaving me comments.

Thank you for believing in me and cheering me on.

And most of all, thank you for allowing mercy to find you too, through my offering of words in this place.

As I reminisced through all the posts I’ve written since last July, I thought it would be fun to share with you the top ten most-read posts. Perhaps you’d enjoy reminiscing too?

Oh, and one more thing …  will you do one thing for me today?

Even if it’s not your style?

Even if you are a lurker in this place?

Would you be so kind to leave a comment today? Or share this place with just one person?

Will you write something? … just one little something as a happy bloggy birthday present??

Won’t you come celebrate with me? I can’t wait to meet you in the comments…


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What has Mercy Found Me meant to you?

What has been your favorite post?

What would you like to read more about in this place?


Ten Most-Read Posts of the Year

1. We Need Our Roaring Lions
I wrote this as a five minute friday post for the word prompt: roar. And it is an example of the power of search engine words. Because it has become my most viewed post, besides my about page. People do a google-search for the term “roaring lion” and the picture I used leads them to this post … crazy!
2. Never say never! {Curriculum 2011-2012} / Homeschooling 2011-2012 MFW-ECC {Our Classroom}
Although I homeschooled three of my children for the first time this year, I originally wrote these posts to participate in the homeschool blog hop last fall. While I intended to blog more on homeschooling, I only wrote two posts, which surprisingly were both in the top 10 of the year! I guess there are many homeschool blog-hoppers!
3. Broken Pieces Made Whole
Another five minute friday post, about times of pain and brokenness in our lives. I certainly know about this, and can’t wait to spend some time later this year sharing my story with you.
4. Marathons and Fears
A post about the rugged journey of motherhood-how it’s like an endless marathon with doubts and fears … Am I enough? Fears to be wrestled with and conquered daily.
5. I Can Still Remember, and I Give Thanks
A post about my miscarriage, despair, and the goodness of God.
6. You Are God and I am Not
St. Patrick’s day will never be the same after caring for this patient. What a privilege to sit in grief with someone. It is such a sacred moment … such a weighty responsibility. And I’m reminded that He is God and I am not.
7. Seeing the Gifts
Counting my 1,000th gift and how Ann’s book and giving thanks has changed me.
8. Oh How He Loves Us So {Even in Our Troubled and Suffering Days}
A post about the never-ending, deep, and rich love of God … and how He meets us and carries us, especially on our hardest days.
9. 10 Promises to Give Your Heart Rest
A reminder, to my heart and yours, of God’s great promises. A way to replace our discouraged thoughts with these unfailing promises.
10. Perfectionistic Tendencies
A post about my struggle with perfectionism and the challenge to let it go and truly live life fuller.


 *Photo Credit: Will Clayton, Flickr Creative Commons

  • Denise J. Hughes

    Happy Blogging-Birthday! What a joy it is to share this writing journey with you. You are a blessing.

  • Cheli Armstrong Sigler

    Jacque, Happy Blogging Birthday! I love your genuine, honest writing. You remind me to look to Jesus! Blessings, Cheli

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you Denise…thank you for being my friend in real life :)

  • Jacque Watkins

    Oh Cheli, Thank you!! I SO enjoyed co-op with you… and may I just say how fantastic VBS was!!

  • Liz Leon-Kirtland

    Jacque I love your blog. I rarely post but it always lifts me and up and provides me with insight. I don’t know exactly which post it was but my favorite was one were you spoke of your kids fighting. How they knew the verses but didn’t “get them” deep yet. Evan is so young and I hope to take some of your wisdom. The way you spoke to them, to try to get them to understand, to really feel Christs love. To me that is how you raise them up in Jesus. <3 You and happy blog-iversary!

  • Amykayunderwood

    Happy 1 year Jacque!!! I have silently enjoyed your posts this year and getting to know you better from your words!!! I would say…you are a GREAT writer my friend! I look forward to many more. Amy u.

  • Sharon O

    I always enjoy your blog, I enjoy your writings and just feel blessed to have found it.
    God be with you as you head to a new year.

  • deborah

    Congrats on your first year! How exciting! I haven’t reached a year yet, so I definitely understand your feeling of celebration!

  • Ro elliott

    Yeah…Happy…Happy one year anniversary…to be honest…I thought you were a more seasoned blogger…it just must be your wonderful writing. I think my blog anniversary is sometime this month…I need to give that a check. I have loved reading and getting to know you over these months…continue to grow …and from that growing…share your heart and we all will be blessed.
    cheers and ((hugs)) to you my friend.

  • Designbyaly

    Love your blog, Jacque! It’s encouraging me to keep up my blog too! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Aly :)

  • Thad

    Jacque, No one appreciates your passion for mercy more than me…especially from the roaring Lion.

    Love you, Babe.

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  • Jacque Watkins

    Oh Liz, thank you so much…have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you my sweet neighbor and friend :) SO thankful for you!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you Sharon for your sweet words!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Yay for one full year! Cheering for you as you approach your one year birthday :)

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you Aly … so glad you’re blogging too!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Your encouragement and words have meant so much to me, you will never know. You have a gift. Thank you, thank you for your friendship! (((hugs))) back to you!

  • Jacque Watkins

    I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for believing in me and the message of my words in this place. My heart will always belong to you…

  • Tina

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! I just recently found your site (I think from a link on Ann Voskamp’s blog, but not positive). I’m a home schooling, Christian mom and have been encouraged by your words. I recently started your “read the bible in a year” and have been growing from it.
    You made my “bookmark bar”!!!
    Thank You, from Columbia, SC

  • Jackie

    Happy Blogging Birthday! I love your posts and am so blessed by them. Thanks for your prayers, also! I look forward to many more inspiring blogs here!!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Oh Tina…that’s wonderful! I’m so thankful you shared that with me. My word for this year is “vessel” and your kind note encourages me to keep writing and sharing even when it feels like no one may be reading. Because it is God who is working and moving in and through us, using us as His vessels even if we don’t realize it. Many blessings to you and your family…keep in touch!

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you Jackie so very much. It is always a delight to read your kind words to me here…blessings to you!

  • Laura in Montana

    Congratulations! Happy Blogging Birthday.

    Your blog is a blessing. How surprised I was when I read you have only been at it one year. I am taking time off from my four month old blog this summer… so tired. But I continue to follow so many lovely women I’ve met since I began to blog last spring. I find that I gain strength and perspective from all of you as I read, even if I’m not writing.

    Bless you and your beautiful family.


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  • bc

    LOVE your blog! HAPPY BLOGGING B-DAY TO YOU!! I really APPRECIATE your transparency. Your posts alwasy move me closer to JESUS! GOD BLESS YOU! Keep
    writing and I can’t wait to read more in the future.


  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you so much Laura! I trust your break has left you refreshed and renewed…have a wonderful summer :)

  • Jacque Watkins

    Thank you so much!