Delighted by the Time Together


What is it that brings me delight?

Of course our marriage we’ve worked so very hard on—one we’ve built with intention and no secrets

My children and the joy they bring—even mixed with the hard work, they are a source of great pleasure to me

But what brings me the most delight these days—the thing that gives me the greatest amount of pleasure, what I look forward to each and every day …

Without a doubt it’s my time with God. The time I pause and still myself to read His words, to soak in His precepts, to grasp His great love for me, to journal about what I’ve read, and to write out my prayer. To write down what I long for, to tell Him what I’m struggling with, to share my dreams and hopes, and just transparently bare my heart to the One who created me.

And just two years ago I could not have said this and meant it. If I would have said it then I would have been over-spiritualizing and exaggerating. That’s because for 34 of my 36 years as a Christian I didn’t do this daily. I didn’t even do this monthly.

And I’m so sad at the time I wasted–sad for the lack of growth and insight and maturity I missed. All because I considered it an obligation, a task, a duty–something I was just supposed to do, that I rarely did, and then always felt guilty about.

But all that’s changed. Today is day #579 with God. We meet every day. And many days I come with many cares, but He delights me every time. And with every meeting, I am changed.

Psalms 94:19 
When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations delight my soul.

I long for it to be the same for you, my friend.


What has been your biggest struggle spending time with God?

How can I pray for you?


Some resources to help…

A Daily Reading Schedule: A Psalm & Proverb each day for three months, then through the Old Testament once in one year and the New Testament twice in one year

SOAP Journaling Plan: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer

SOAP Journaling Page: A printable journal page

Accountability Groups: which helped make such a difference for me!

~Good Morning Girls

~Hello Mornings Challenge

My favorite study Bibles:

My favorite chronological Bible:


I’m joining Lisa-Jo, over at her site today, to take five minutes and just write without worrying if it’s just right or not. The challenge is to write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing, with the prompt she gives. And today, her prompt:


  • Isn’t is so awesome that what we might believe to be drudgery is truly delight? We don’t HAVE to meet with God. We GET to meet with God. Thank you for this!

  • Felecia Clarke

    I too have felt the angst of wasted time. The terror at what I may have missed. I know that God has forgiven me, because he already knew that I would be as I am. All I know is that now I delight in Him daily and I know that He still has plans for me. I am also certain that I will delight in bringing Him glory.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  • Jackie S

    I love this, Jacque….THANKS! I need to spend more time with HIM and less online! Please pray for health issues I have, my husband has, and for daughter’s needs that God knows about. Blessings~~~

  • Christine

    wow! it’s a amazing how such a simple blog post can come at such the perfect timing. Thank you for this… thank you very much friend! I need prayer. I need to move… i need to get out of bed… i need to see the joy in it. I still sometimes feel like it’s become a task and or duty. 🙁

  • It is awesome, and I think it is only by doing we can understand. Only by spending the consistent time with God that we can experience it as the true delight it is and not the sporadic-guilt-ridden-drudgery we thought it always would be. You are so right…we GET to meet with Him! Thanks for stopping in!

  • Oh Felecia, yes, forgiven and free…delighting in Him and Him delighting in us! Blessings to you!

  • I am praying for you now, for healing and for your sweet daughter! And yes, run to Him…He knows and He cares, and you are loved!

  • Oh Christine, you, YOU can do this! Oh the years I wasted! I will be praying for you, sweet neighbor friend of mine.

  • I, like you, love my time with God! I used to be a legalist, check it off my list and beat myself up when I missed. Now, I don’t sweat it if other things interrupt, but I know I’ve missed out. There’s nothing better than a quiet morning, sipping flavored creamer with a little coffee, wrapped in my Colts blanket and opening the Word. It’s such precious time, and I don’t want to miss a thing God desires to show me! Thanks for sharing this post.

  • That sounds lovely…a hot drink, a cozy blanket, and the Lord. So thankful you stopped by!

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  • Susan

    I have struggled with myself in the area of meeting daily with God. My intentions are so good … however, upon awakening each morning, my struggle begins. Meet with God or get these chores out of the way first so I won’t have any ‘hindrances’ to my time with Him. Next thing I know, other chores are cropping up and my time with God is just an ‘I’ll do it later’ kind of thing. I suppose that the fact that I’m torn still gives me hope that I do have a heart for Him, just not the time…I suppose if I didn’t worry each day about my lack of time with Him, then that would prove I’m beyond caring about meeting with Him. But the fact remains, is that I don’t take the time to commune with the One who loves me beyond what I deserve. Please pray for me to see what the enemy is doing and that I need to, no matter what, put God first in my life, regardless of what tries to draw me away. Thanks to you for your encouragement to us. Your life is truly a channel of blessing.

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