How God Uses our Messy Muddy Life

Mud Mess

The more I read, the more I see how the Scriptures paint a portrait of a God who sees.

A God who knows even me.

Especially me.

And who uses my life to paint His glory.

He who is good and kind, just and righteous, divine and man. Acquainted with suffering and intimate with grief. He who knows all things and holds all things together.

He sees me. And He sees you too. And nothing is an accident to Him, even when it seems like it is to us. From His perspective, it’s all just as it should be.

He paints a portrait of beauty from my mess, and from yours too. [Tweet that]

Offering our mud to Him, and Him using it as His paint, making a masterpiece from all our grime and grit. He crafts the texture and uses the smudges. And shades each piece with His glory woven through each stroke.

All I see are strokes of dirt–all the mud and all the mess.

But His view is not my own.

Does He really know what He’s doing?

Oh how I struggle with control. Wrestle with my desire to see His canvas. Now.

My patience wanes and even this process of doubting, hands more mud over for Him to use because of my complaining. More mud because of the doubting. Dirt and grime because of the questioning.

But that’s no problem for Him. In fact, He takes all that too. And He’s planned to use all that extra from the beginning, crafting it in.

Working it all for good.

I wade into the shame and guilt of my smallness in comparison to Him, and begin to go under–drowning in the deep water. But without end, He throws me His mercy again and again, as a life-preserver for my soul. And as I grab hold, He pulls me in with His grace. And I float in trust, and breathe in hope again.

No matter how many times I’m rescued, my chances are never exhausted.

He hunts me down.

He is faithful and true.

And I give thanks.

Day after day, he readies Himself to paint with my meager mud.

Every morning He throws me His life-preserving mercy that never ends.

And with each rising dawn, He crafts a canvas of beauty along the way. One I’ll never ever deserve. But one I so desperately want.

He is the Master, using my muddy messy life as His paint, to show a portrait of His love to the world.


What beauty has God painted with your mud?


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